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Do pickers need to wear a mask?


No, picking with a mask on is not required. However, if you wish to wear a mask you may.


How much does Pick-your-own cost?


Pick-your-own Strawberries will be priced by weight this year. They will be $4.20/lb.


Can you bring your own containers from home?

Yes! This year you are able to bring containers from home to pick into. We will weigh them before you go into the field and subtract the weight of the container from the weight of your strawberries. We will also have 2L baskets and 5.5L buckets for purchase to use at the farm

How will Pick-Your-Own work?

Upon arriving at the farm please check in to our Pick-Your-Own Express tent. Here we will weigh the containers you have brought to pick into or you can purchase our containers to pick into. You will then be directed to a field and Row Director who will provide you with a row to pick into. Please stay in the row provided to you as we try our best to keep track of where in the field has and has not been picked yet to give people the best spots! When you are finished picking you will move your row flag to where you finished. You will then take your strawberries back to the Pick-Your-Own Express to be weighed and paid for. 

Will washrooms be available?


Yes, there will be an outhouse available for use. We recommend only using if absolutely necessary. The unit will be maintained and sanitized by the providing company. 

When and how long is Strawberry season?

We generally have strawberries from early June to around Thanksgiving (frost). Pick-your-own season runs for 3-4 weeks from mid June-mid July weather depending


Are the strawberries organic?


No, the strawberries are not technically organic but we use many organic methods. We follow an Integrated pest management program and use spray only when absolutely necessary

What is the difference between ever-bearing and “normal” pick your own Strawberries?

  • The pick-your-own strawberries are technically called “June bearing” – they grow for the 3-4 weeks of the longest days of the year (most day light). The season is generally from late June-Mid July. They get planted in May and get picked the following year. We usually pick them for 2-3 years

  • Ever-bearing strawberries are technically called day neutrals – they can’t tell the day length so they will start growing when they are planted and stop when frost turns them dormant for the winter. They get planted in May and will start producing by the same mid-late July. We will pick them until about thanksgiving. They will come back for one more pick in early June of the following year and that’s it.

  • We plant both every year and do crop rotation within our fields

  • There are many varieties of both types of strawberries – varieties are based on what type of soil and climate they do better in, and whether they are an early-later season berry.

  • Taste, size and shape can vary between all varieties – ALL ARE DELICIOUS!

Can you eat any strawberries in the field?


The strawberries are safe to eat from the field. Though we ask that you limit your sampling and eating in the field until after your berries have been paid for.

Can you eat at the farm?


We will have a designated food/drink area set up if you choose to bring your own food. We also have many food items available in the store to purchase and eat. Including but not limited to fresh homemade strawberry parfaits, granola bars, salads, and sandwiches. 

What else do we grow on the farm?


Currently (2022) we grow baby cucumbers, dill, garlic, rhubarb, and gladiolas. We will also be growing some corn this year.

What have we grown in the past?


In the past we have grown raspberries, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, squash, pumpkin, spinach, kale, beans and peas

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